‘I don’t see any of the military cabinet members as competent”

Former ambassador to the U.S. Rubens Ricupero speaks on the role of the armed forces in government and Brazil's response to Covid-19

'I don't see any of the military cabinet members as competent"
Rubens Ricupero

Last week, casual Brazil observers may have been shocked by the news that President Jair Bolsonaro had temporarily backed off from firing his Health Minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, due to a veto from members of the Armed Forces. However, close attention to politics in Brazil — and Latin America as a whole — teaches us that the military has always been a highly influential force in the comings and goings of history, regardless of its relative lack of martial involvement.

From the Proclamation of the Republic in 1889, led by Field Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, until the end...

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