Covid-19 thrusts Brazil’s media landscape into uncertainty

While people turn to the well-constructed, fact-based reporting of professional journalism during the pandemic, many media companies are facing collapse

media companies covid-19
Photo: Yunming Wang/Unsplash

Covid-19 has created something of a paradox for media companies around the world.

On the one hand, ratings, readership, and views are off the charts, with readers avidly seeking information about the deadly virus that has infected over 2 million people, killed another 151,000 worldwide, and halted the global economy. Additionally, the pandemic renewed the trust people place in mainstream professional journalism. A survey by renowned pollster Datafolha shows that Brazilians see traditional media as a safe haven against misinformation.

However, the cause of this renewed valuation in honest, accurate reporting is also a threat to the very existence...

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