Doria’s nods to the Workers’ Party show broad opposition could be a reality in Brazil

São Paulo Governor João Doria extended an olive branch to his former enemies, signaling that the center-right and center-left could join forces to confront President Bolsonaro

doria Workers' Party show broad opposition could be a reality in Brazil
João Doria has been the most prominent voice against the president. Photo: Govesp

João Doria, the Governor of São Paulo state, has been a reliable political weathervane since he emerged on the political scene. Possessing no firm political convictions of his own, he always seems the first to sense the direction of where the political wind is blowing. Since 2016, he has been reliably gliding in the direction of antipetismo, the Brazilian term for anti-Workers Party (PT) sentiment, which took him to a landslide first-round victory in the city of São Paulo’s mayoral elections. 

In 2018, further propelled by Jair Bolsonaro’s tailwind, he was elected governor, promoting a “Bolsodoria” platform to gobble...

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