“Bolsonaro’s government encourages radicalism”: Brazilian Bar Association president

Felipe Santa Cruz, a vocal critic of the Bolsonaro government, speaks to The Brazilian Report about Sergio Moro, labor rights, and the political landscape in Brazil

moro felipe santa cruz oab bolsonaro
Felipe Santa Cruz.

Felipe Santa Cruz was thrust into politics while he was still in diapers. His father, Fernando Santa Cruz—a student and activist of the Marxist-Leninist Popular Action—was accused by the military dictatorship of integrating left-wing armed struggle and was disappeared by the regime when Felipe was just two years old. The charges against Mr. Santa Cruz were never proven. Now the president of the Brazilian Bar Association, Felipe Santa Cruz worked in the field of labor legislation before branching into class politics. In December, he made headlines after the Solicitor General’s Office accused him of defamation, after he called Justice Minister...

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