European nations must confront their own faults in Amazon destruction

para contamination norway amazon
A subsidiary of Norway’s Norsk Hydro was fined for dumping toxic waste into the environment. Photo: Ag.Pará

In February 2018, residents of Barcarena, a town to the south of the Amazonian state of Pará, complained that pools of accumulated rainwater around the city had turned a curious shade of red. Locals blamed the nearby Alunorte alumina plant, alleging that they had been illegally dumping toxic waste into the environment.

Indeed, state prosecutors investigated these claims and found a clandestine pipeline belonging to Alunorte, which was being used to leak byproducts of bauxite processing into the surrounding area. The company, which is a subsidiary of Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro, was handed a daily fine of BRL...

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