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Brazil’s billionaire pet industry is only getting bigger

Following a surge in adoptions during the pandemic, businesses catering to pets have flourished. But as with other areas, inflation is beginning to bite

pet Dog on Copacabana beach. Photo: Lazyllama/Shutterstock
Dog on Copacabana beach. Photo: Lazyllama/Shutterstock

Many Brazilians adopted a pet for the first time during the pandemic. Studies show that having an animal at home or at work can improve mental health – something that was especially welcome while people quarantined at home. And pets are becoming ever more important in the Brazilian home. 

  • Half of all pet owners in Brazil have adopted at least one animal since the pandemic began in February 2020. Nineteen percent did so for the first time in their lives.

Family. Pets are no longer just pets: for almost two-thirds of pet owners, they are comparable to a child...

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