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Covid-19 gets deadlier among young patients

In Araraquara, one of Brazil's main coronavirus hotbeds, the death tally among young patients has jumped tenfold in 2021

10 times more young coronavirus victims
Severe Covid-19 patient is hospitalized. Photo: Pedro Guerreiro/AGPA

Welcome to “Number of the Week,” where we choose a single figure that helps understand what is going on in Brazil. This week’s number is:

10 times more young coronavirus victims

The agricultural city of Araraquara, in the state of São Paulo, became one of Brazil’s major coronavirus hotbeds this year. Due to a massive surge of infections and deaths, local authorities imposed a 60-hour lockdown, during which time no-one is allowed on the street without proper justification. Meanwhile, the Army conducted an operation to sanitize the city’s public spaces.

According to Araraquara Mayor Edinho Silva, the new Amazon variant...

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