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Courts could equate social media to traditional outlets

Happy Monday! Today, a trial on social media use by public officials could set a precedent for future cases. Brazil’s far-right is looking to win the media narrative in the country’s favelas.

A marquee trial on fake news spreading and social media use

fake news social media soft power
Demonstrators hang a sign reading “Printed ballots with public counting” during pro-Bolsonaro rally in São Paulo. Photo: Nancy Ayumi Kunihiro/Shutterstock

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) is set to hold a trial tomorrow about the spread of uncorroborated suspicions regarding Brazil’s electoral system. The case revolves around state lawmaker Fernando Francischini of Paraná, who in 2018 used his social media channels to disparage electronic voting in the country.

  • Local courts were against punishing the politician, claiming that...

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