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😵‍💫 How to avoid a Bolivia repeat?

Good morning! Today, we’re talking about poll workers’ fears of seeing the election derailing into violence. What Lula delivered in his primetime interview. And a massive Brazil-Mexico fintech deal.

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Poll workers fear a repeat of Capitol riot or Bolivia coup

elections "We can't reprise in Brazil what happened in Bolivia, much less what happened in the U.S. Capitol," Edson Borowski told lawmakers. Photo: Elaine Menke/CD
Edson Borowski told lawmakers that justice system workers fear attacks against polling stations during the October election. Photo: Elaine Menke/CD

The House Human Rights Committee on Thursday held a public hearing on the security of the 2022 election. Edson Borowski, a coordinator at justice system workers union Fenajufe, anticipates “extreme political...

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