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💵 The dollar’s impact on Brazilian fuel prices

Good morning! Today, we take a look at why Petrobras pegs fuel prices to the dollar. The revolving door spins once more. And the latest debacle among social democrats.

What explains Petrobras’ international parity policy

fuel prices Offshore oil platform in Brazil. Photo Ranimiro/Shutterstock
A Petrobras offshore oil platform in Brazil. Photo Ranimiro/Shutterstock

As Brasília correspondent Amanda Audi explained on our website yesterday, Petrobras CEO José Mauro Coelho finds himself in the hot seat just a month after his nomination. And for the same reason that saw his predecessor lose his job: the company’s pricing policy, which since 2016 uses international oil fluctuations to set rates at refineries.

What they are saying. President Jair Bolsonaro said Petrobras must...

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