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⚡ Bolsonaro escapes the energy crisis

Good morning! Today, how Brazil’s energy outlook is a sigh of relief for the government. The latest pro-Bolsonaro onslaught against the Supreme Court. And Central Bank workers back on strike.

Energy crisis no longer a threat 

energy The Itaipu dam. Photo: Jose Luis Stephens/Shutterstock
The Itaipu dam. Photo: Jose Luis Stephens/Shutterstock

Brazil is about to enter its dry season, but energy shortages are no longer threatening President Jair Bolsonaro’s re-election prospects. Only in 2006 and 2010 were hydroelectric reservoirs at higher levels before a presidential election this century.

Why it matters. The 2020-2021 summer was the driest in 100 years and pushed Brazil to the brink of an energy crisis similar to one the country...

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