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🪣 Bolsonaro’s bucket list for 2022

Good morning! Today, Bolsonaro lays out his congressional road map for the election year. Brazil’s 2022 inflation will be hard to predict. Agribusiness wins again as House loosens pesticide regulations.

The government’s priorities for the year

President Bolsonaro during Congress' inaugural session of 2022. Photo: Alan Santos/PR
President Bolsonaro during Congress’ inaugural session of 2022. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

The Brazilian government published its platform for 2022, including 45 priorities to push forward in Congress. While most of the items concern economic reform, President Jair Bolsonaro made sure to include matters that he believes will boost his re-election prospects. These include:

  • Inflation: There are two bills that Mr. Bolsonaro hopes will reduce gas prices at the pump (up by 44 percent...

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