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Bridging Brazil’s sanitation gap

Good morning! Today, a set of bidding processes could jolt the lagging sanitation sector into action. Omicron cases confirmed in Brazil. Unreliable job data wipes out “positive” performance in 2020.

Sanitation auctions could stir up investments

Sanitation omicron
Sewage pipe in Salvador, Bahia. Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

The month of December will see six concession auctions for public sanitation services, with analysts expecting them to combine for up to BRL 8 billion (USD 1.42 billion) in investment pledges. 

  • The biggest deals will come in northeastern state Alagoas (around USD 2.9 billion for operations in 61 municipalities) and Rio de Janeiro (BRL 4.7 billion for operations in 21 municipalities, including part...

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