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Cabinet merry-go-round: harmless reshuffle or something more?

Musical chairs in the Bolsonaro cabinet. Biden confronts Brazil on the environment. Government signs pro-business bill to reduce red tape

Today, its musical chairs in the Bolsonaro cabinet, stoking fears of a possible power grab. The Biden government confronts Brazil on the environment. Pro-business bill passes as Brazil seeks to reduce red tape.

Bolsonaro reboots government in freaky Monday

Monday began with signs that Ernesto Araújo wouldn’t last long as Foreign Minister — and it ended with a major cabinet reshuffle and a new political crisis. Just hours after Mr. Araújo handed in his resignation to President Jair Bolsonaro, Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva did the same. As Brasília correspondent Débora Álvares understands, Army Commander Edson Pujol is...

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