The Focus Report has become more optimistic about Brazil. Photo: Rafael Matsunaga
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The Focus Report has become more optimistic about Brazil. Photo: Rafael Matsunaga

The year of 2017 was anything but easy for the Brazilian economy. The country struggled with a political deadlock – which got in the way of structural reforms –, the President faced a serious risk of losing his office, and investors are still shy about putting their money in Brazil. Still, the country finishes 2017 with better perspectives for the coming year.

One way to analyze how the markets are more optimistic about Brazil is taking a look at the Focus Report. Produced by the Brazilian Central Bank, the report is a survey with dozens of economists and brings the market’s expectations for the Brazilian economy. The Central Bank’s Department of Relations with Investors and Special Studies (Gerin) analyzes the projections of 120 private banks, investment agencies, brokers, consultant companies, among others. Then, it publishes an average of all expectations.

The Brazilian Report compares how the markets saw the Brazilian economy in back December 2016, and how they are seeing the country now. While not every indicator has gotten better – and the improvements are still small – there is room for optimism. Take a look:

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MoneyDec 28, 2017

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