Brazilian businesses set to invest in 2018. Photo: David Alves/Piratini
brazilian businesses optimistic 2018

Brazilian businesses set to invest in 2018. Photo: David Alves/Piratini

Deloitte, a consulting company, has recently published a survey made among executives of 750 Brazilian companies (which represent 26 percent of the country’s GDP) about their projections for 2018 in Brazil. Most estimate a growth in sales, revenues, and investments. The number of IPOs is expected to rise, and unemployment should fall as companies are more willing to hire.

The survey also confirms that, for top executives in Brazil, state-owned banks will continue to be seen one of their main sources of funding. That is also the case for companies controlled by foreigners.

Another important finding is that, for Brazil’s companies, the upcoming presidential election will not have such a determining effect on the country’s financial health – neither positively nor negatively. What will hamper or stimulate growth, in the executives’ opinion, is whether or not the Brazilian government will commit to investing in infrastructure.

We’ve broken down the study’s main findings.

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MoneyDec 26, 2017

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