Brazilian roads have become worse.
Problems with infrastructure are holding back Brazil

Infrastructure: Brazilian roads have become worse.

Ever since the Portuguese arrived on our shores in the 1400s, the transportation of goods and people within our territory has been a major issue. A study carried out by the University of São Paulo Agriculture School shows that sending grain from our farms to our ports actually costs more than shipping those goods to China.

In the mid-20th century, Brazil made a decision to connect the country through highways despite an immense potential for water transit. It wasn’t a wise choice. Roads are both the most expensive and the least efficient transportation method. This is especially the case for a country as big as Brazil, as our territory is roughly 14 times the size of France. We also have one of the world’s most expansive coastal lines.

But the infrastructure problem runs deeper. Brazil may have opted for roads, but it didn’t install enough of them to fully connect the country. Those that do exist are, for the most part, inadequate. At least, that’s what the latest CNT report on road quality shows.

We broke down the study’s main findings:

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MoneyNov 09, 2017

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