Bolsonaro says he doesn’t fear pandemic probe: “we’ve nothing to hide”

pandemic response

This morning, Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro said he is “not concerned” about the parliamentary hearings committee (CPI) to investigate his government’s pandemic response. Senior figures who serve or have served under the Bolsonaro administration are expected to be put under the microscope, and the probe could result in criminal indictments. 

The CPI will be held in Brazil’s Senate, and is set to formally begin on Tuesday. Opposition and independent figures hold a majority in the investigation’s committee, which the government fears will tarnish the administration’s image. The president’s chief of staff reportedly sent out a 23-point list to 13 cabinet ministers, including the main accusations against the government. Each department will be ordered to provide arguments for defense.

After claiming his administration has “nothing to hide,” President Bolsonaro turned his ire toward state governors, which have imposed coronavirus restrictions in their constituencies, much to Mr. Bolsonaro’s chagrin. 

“We cannot allow some pseudo-governors to impose a dictatorship, using the virus to subjugate you,” he said.

However, recent data has shown that Brazil’s coronavirus case and death curve has flattened somewhat, which most experts put down to the use of the same restrictive measures Mr. Bolsonaro protests.