Covid deaths in Brazil at a seven-month low

Vaccine rollouts are driving deaths curves down. Photo: Marco Nascimento/AGPA
Vaccine rollouts are driving death curves down. Photo: Marco Nascimento/AGPA

Brazilian health officials reported 331 Covid-19 deaths on Sunday, bringing the overall total up to 574,574 people since the beginning of the pandemic, with the seven-day average of new daily deaths sitting at 765. That is a 16-percent reduction from two weeks ago and was the second day in a row on which the index remained below 800 — such low figures have not been seen since January 7.

Eighteen of Brazil’s 27 states updated their vaccination data, showing that 122 million people — or 58 percent of the population — have received at least one jab. One-quarter of Brazilians (55 million people) are already fully immunized.

Last week, Rio de Janeiro’s municipal health secretary Daniel Soranz said that 95 percent of patients hospitalized due to a coronavirus infection had not taken any vaccination, and the remaining 5 percent was made up of people who have received one dose.