Venezuela once again warns about “Brazilian variant”

variant Caracas, Venezuela. Photo: Edgloris Marys/Shutterstock
Caracas, Venezuela. Photo: Edgloris Marys/Shutterstock

The official Twitter account of the Venezuelan Communication Ministry posted a video warning citizens about the coronavirus variant first encountered in the Amazon: the so-called “Brazilian P.1” variant. 

In the video, the Venezuelan government says P.1. has “caused a health collapse in Brazil” and has been detected in 30 different countries. Venezuela alone has confirmed cases of the mutation in three different states, which led President Nicolás Maduro to impose a 14-day quarantine back in March. 

This is not the first time Venezuela has put pressure on Brazil regarding the Amazon variant. Besides denouncing Brazil at the UN for negligence, Maduro also called the P.1. “a Bolsonaro mutation,” blaming the Brazilian president for the regional threat

Regardless, Venezuela itself has been less than transparent when it comes to reporting reliable Covid-19 data