São Paulo private hospitals push for import of Covid-19 inputs

Field hospitals in São Paulo
Field hospital in São Paulo. Photo: Rovena Rosa/ABr

Sindhosp, the association of São Paulo’s private hospitals, created a consortium to help health units import medical inputs used to intubate Covid-19 patients, as at least half of their member facilities are facing shortages of these supplies.

The association established an agreement with a trading company that has contacts in 166 countries, in an attempt to bring medicines to Brazil. It is also providing legal and logistics assistance to hospitals. The goal is to have scale gains with a major purchase, as the items will cost the same regardless of the amount purchased by each hospital, said Sindhosp CEO Ricardo Bachert in a statement.

The goal is to import medicines immediately, as a March 26 survey showed 52 percent of 81 hospitals only had enough medicines for another week. “Estimates show that the industry will only be able to meet domestic needs for Covid-19 inputs and medicines in a month.

Right now, at the peak of the pandemic, when hospital stocks are low, importing is the solution,” said Mr. Bachert.