Uruguay announces mass vaccination plan for late March

Uruguay announces mass vaccination plan for March
Vaccination center in Rivera, Uruguay. Photo: Marcelo Pinto/APlateia

With Uruguay facing a surge of coronavirus cases, President Luis Lacalle Pou announced that all citizens aged 18 to 70 will be eligible for Covid-19 vaccination as of March 29.

Uruguay is speeding up its vaccine rollout amid its worst bout of coronavirus cases. The country recorded 52 deaths in the second week of March, representing more than 7 percent of all deaths registered since the beginning of the pandemic.

The government said that public transport services will be cut by 50 percent and public attractions must operate at a maximum of 30 percent capacity. Officials announced the purchase of another 1.5 million vaccines from Sinovac, expecting to immunize the entire 3.5-million population in 2021.

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