Prosecutors demand information on field hospitals from governors

Prosecutors demand information on field hospitals from governors
Field hospital being set up in Rio de Janeiro (April 2020). Photo: A. Paes/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Federal Prosecutor General sent a letter to all state governors requesting information about field hospitals set up during the pandemic, which are once again being used as alternatives as ICU beds fill up across the country. 

The document says governors have until Friday to disclose how many field hospitals were built since March 2020, as well as the exact status of the open hospitals. They must also provide dates of deactivation, reasons for closure or opening, and the specific health supplies used. 

Many locations in Brazil are reopening their field hospitals, including the cities of São Paulo and Porto Alegre. ICU occupancy rate is above 80 percent in 25 of Brazil’s 27 states. 

Governors v. Bolsonaro

States administration have butt heads with the Jair Bolsonaro government since the pandemic started. Now, with hospitals crowded during the all-time record of coronavirus deaths and infections, at least four state governors went to court to force the Health Ministry to facilitate the transfer of funds for new ICU beds. Last Friday, the Supreme Court decided that BRL 188 million (USD 33 million) was to be transferred monthly to maintain states’ ICUs. However, local administrations complain they have received less than this amount.

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