Brazil breaks record for most deaths in a week

record deaths covid brazil
Inhaúma Cemetery, in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: PhotoCarioca/Shutterstock

Brazil has recorded its most coronavirus-related deaths over a weeklong period, as a brutal surge gathers speed across the country.

After health officials across the country confirmed 1,997 new casualties, Brazil’s seven-day rolling average of new daily deaths reached 1,825 — which is 50 percent higher than it was on March 1.

Seven-day averages can provide a more accurate picture of the virus’s progression than daily death counts, which can fluctuate and disguise the broader trend line.

Brazil has broken its record for most deaths in a week every day since February 24. Over the past 14 days, the weeklong average of new deaths has gone up in all but three states.

In the pandemic’s previous peak, back in July 2020, the pandemic progressed at different paces in urban and rural areas. However, as multiple variants spread across the country, most states now see, at the same time, infections and deaths spike — and their health networks are approaching a collapse.

Vaccination rollouts have been sluggish, with just 4.5 percent of the population having taken at least one vaccine dose. Meanwhile, only 1.67 percent of Brazilians got two shots.

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