Paraguay opens 34 new ICU beds to curb Covid-19 crisis

paraguay icu beds
Paraguayan official announces new ICU beds. Photo: Minsal/PR

Amid street protests against the government that ended in one death, several injuries, and resignations in the cabinet, Paraguay announced the opening of 34 new intensive care beds on its public health network. 

The decision was announced by new Health Minister Julio Borba, who took office on March 8. Hospitalization rates are at all-time highs: there are currently 1,286 coronavirus patients admitted to hospitals, with 327 of them requiring ICU beds. 

Vaccine line leapfrogging rumors in Paraguay

Within his first week, Mr. Borba is already dealing with scandal. During the week, the Paraguayan press reported accusations of authorities cutting in line to obtain Covid-19 vaccines. Similar cases led to the resignation of Health Ministers in Argentina and Peru. 

The Health Ministry dismissed reports, but Paraguayans are unconvinced.

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