After São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro imposes curfew

rio de janeiro curfew
Rio de Janeiro citizens forgot about social distancing during the holiday season. Photo: Jefferson Peixoto/Secom/Pms

Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes issued a decree on Thursday restricting non-essential business operations for a week and imposing a curfew starting on March 5. Bars and restaurants will have to close at 5 pm and must not exceed 40 percent capacity. All commercial activities along the beachfront are also prohibited, as well as any events or public gatherings.

Mr. Paes said the new restrictions are a way to “avoid repeating the 2020 genocide” and remove the need for a lockdown.

Restrictions do not apply to essential sectors such as healthcare, gas stations, and logistics companies, among others.

On Thursday, Brazil registered 1,910 new coronavirus deaths, a new record for a single day and the second-highest number of new infections. With the spread out of control, multiple states have reinstated stricter social isolation measures. On Saturday, São Paulo will enter a new quarantine.

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