Medical association protests lockdown in Brasília

Medical association protests lockdown in Brazilian capital
Brasília. Photo: Joel Rodrigues/AB/ACO

A doctors’ association in Brasília has spoken out against 15-day lockdown measures recently enforced by Governor Ibaneis Rocha. In a letter to the governor, the Regional Medical Council of Brasília (CRM-DF) — which regulates doctors in Brazil’s federal capital — said lockdowns “have already proven to be ineffective” and “go against fundamental constitutional principles.”

The declaration goes against scientific evidence and World Health Organization recommendations. It is even more baffling coming from Brasília, where all but one of the city’s intensive care beds were occupied over the weekend. The Brazilian capital boasts one of the country’s highest Covid-19 death rates: almost 1,600 per 1 million people.

This case was not the first time a Brazilian medical association has gone against science. Last week, major newspapers ran a half-page ad from an obscure organization in their politics section defending “early treatment” against Covid-19. Research suggests that these treatments can be dangerous for patients with heart conditions or high blood pressure.

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