Brazilian VP: “No point in imposing nationwide curfew”

Brazilian Vice President: “No point in imposing nationwide curfew”
Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão. Photo: Bruno Batista/VPR

As Covid-19 cases spike and states’ health networks inch closer to a collapse, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão rejected the idea of a nationwide curfew to contain the spread of the coronavirus. State health officials proposed the measure on March 1.

According to the vice president, a national lockdown wouldn’t be effective in a country as large and diverse as Brazil. “We have five different countries in one, each with their own characteristics.”

States, in turn, urge the federal government to lead a “unified and cohesive” response, including a strict two-week lockdown to help slow the virus’ spread. So far, isolated regulations have had a limited effect on people’s behavior and infection curves.

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