While pandemic rages, Brazilian officials stage internal war

While pandemic rages, Brazilian officials stage internal war
Photo: Alan Santos/PR

It has been one year since the coronavirus arrived in Brazil — and the country has confirmed 250,000 Covid-19-related deaths since. The country is in one of the most delicate moments of the pandemic, as states’ health systems inch closer toward collapse as new coronavirus variants spread unchecked. Meanwhile, vaccination hiccups prevent citizens from envisioning a way out of the crisis.

There is no shortage of problems on the government’s plate. And yet, senior government officials seem more preoccupied with internal feuds than doing their jobs properly. Communications Secretary Fabio Wajngarten and Marcos Marques, the head of communications at the Health Ministry, are butting heads over who will coordinate the government’s vaccination awareness campaign. 

The first stage was kicked off by the Health Minister — but that made Mr. Wajngarten jealous, and he “stole” the campaign for his office, instead.

It’s good to know that officials have their priorities in the right place.

Despite their efforts to take credit for the vaccination campaign, both men should prepare to clean out their drawers in the near future. Mr. Marques — who presents himself as an expert in neuromarketing, “top-class customer service,” and hypnology — told his boss, embattled Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, that he will not remain in his job for much longer. Mr. Wajngarten, according to reports, is set to be replaced by a Navy admiral.

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