São Paulo announces new restrictions after ICU occupancy rates skyrocket

são paulo icu restrictions
Governor João Doria of São Paulo. Photo: Govesp/FP

The São Paulo state government will enforce a nighttime curfew as of this Friday, after ICU occupancy rates in the state reached their highest levels since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor João Doria announced a ban on all gatherings between 11 pm and 5 am throughout the state. São Paulo’s health officials call it an attempt to curb gatherings in bars, restaurants, and unlicensed parties. “Restricted circulation sends a clear message to the population: that it is time to stay home,” said São Paulo Health Secretary Jean Gorinchteyn. 

The southeast’s answer to Manaus

The agricultural city of Araraquara is one of São Paulo’s major Covid-19 hotbeds. With a peak of cases and deaths caused by new coronavirus variants, the 238,000-people city has extended a 78-hour lockdown until Saturday, going as far as closing supermarkets and gas stations. Since the lockdown started, law enforcement reported more than 1,900 arrests and 144 fines of people breaching restrictions.

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