Peruvian police arrest 196,000 for quarantine violations

peru covid social distancing
Law enforcement in Peru has targeted the so-called “Covid-parties.” Photo: Minsa/Peru

The Peruvian police have reportedly arrested more than 196,000 people for breaking social isolation rules since the country entered a second quarantine on January 31. With almost 1.3 million people infected by the coronavirus and over 45,000 confirmed deaths, Peru is home to one of the world’s highest death rates during the pandemic: one in every 1,355 Peruvians has died from Covid-19. 

Enforcing quarantine in Peru is no simple matter, as 70 percent of the labor market works in informal jobs, often making it impossible for them to carry out their duties from home.

Still, citizens are not entirely off the hook, as law enforcement has tried to crack down on so-called “Covid parties,” clandestine events which violate curfew rules.

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