Salvador to close beaches and clubs to tame coronavirus spread

salvador beaches coronavirus
Photo: Bruno Concha/ASCOM-SSA

One of Brazil’s best-known coastal tourist destinations will close its beaches to contain the spread of coronavirus. As of February 24, the northeastern city of Salvador will ban all access to two of its most famous beaches and will close social clubs. The city will turn off public lighting at night to deter citizens from leaving their homes.

The measures will be enforced for seven days and can be extended if necessary.

Mayor Bruno Reis said Salvador, the capital of northeastern state Bahia, is going through the worst phase of the pandemic so far, with “nearly 100 percent of intensive care units already filled.” Last week, Mr. Reis shut down theaters and the state government imposed a curfew. 

Bahia has seen coronavirus daily deaths increase 65 percent over the past two weeks, while being forced to suspend its local vaccination rollout due to a lack of jabs.

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