Brazilian vaccination strategy set to change

strategy vaccines brazil
Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello and First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro. Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/ABr

An association of Brazilian mayors declared on Twitter that Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello promised to change the country’s vaccination strategy.

“Starting on February 23, with the arrival of 4.7 million new jabs, 4.7 million Brazilians will be immunized — not half [of the population], as was the plan until then. The [Health Ministry] says it has guaranteed the manufacturing of doses,” said the National Front of Mayors.

What it means: Local administrators will no longer be required to set aside half of their available doses to give out booster jabs, which must be given up to 28 days after the first vaccine. 

  • The decision could have negative effects. At least nine state capitals are running out (or have already run out) of vaccine jabs. With the uncertainty surrounding the delivery of supplies, some citizens may not receive their second shots in time.
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