New financial relief program could be voted on next week

New financial financial aid program could be voted on next week
Brazilian Congress building. Photo: RafaStockBR/Shutterstock

Senate Minority Leader Jean Paul Prates told news website Poder360 that party whips will set aside the coming week to approve a government-sponsored constitutional amendment, clearing the docket for Congress to hold debates on a new financial aid program for vulnerable Brazilians.

The government’s coronavirus emergency aid program expired at the end of last year, immediately pushing millions of people below the poverty line.

In order to finance the program without blowing up the public deficit, senators are set to approve a constitutional amendment granting the government special conditions to slash expenses to avoid breaching the spending cap. 

Congress is also set to address a proposal for a new federative pact, reshuffling the distribution of funds between federal, state, and municipal governments.

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