Experts track Covid-19 variant in Brazil-Uruguay border

Experts track Covid-19 variant in Brazil-Uruguay border
Uruguayan police do sanitary checks at the Brazilian border. Photo: Marcelo Pinto/APlateia/Fotos Públicas

Brazilian and Uruguayan experts have joined forces to track and study potential cases of new Covid-19 variants in the border region between both countries. They will pay extra attention to areas where informal crossing is easier  — Uruguay closed its borders on December 17 after Brazil began experiencing a surge in cases.

The tracking of Covid-19 variants in bordering cities is not the only challenge to health authorities. At the Brazil-Argentina-Paraguay triple border — where, unlike Uruguay, crossing is not halted — different vaccine schedules have been alarming residents. 

Only Argentina and Brazil have started to vaccinate, while Paraguay plans to start inoculations only in March.

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