Small São Paulo town will host herd immunity trial

Health workers administer Covid-19 vaccines in drive-thru
Health workers administer Covid-19 vaccines in drive-thru

The small São Paulo town of Serrana will provide a major contribution to local efforts to fight Covid-19, as its administration will run a massive trial on the effects of herd immunity in the municipality. 

According to the state government, 30,000 of Serrana’s 45,000 inhabitants will receive a shot of Covid-19 vaccine CoronaVac to evaluate “the infection’s transmission, the diminishing use of the health system, and effects such as herd immunity in the population,” according to Dimas Covas, chairman of the Butantan Biological Institute. The Institute is responsible for producing CoronaVac in the country. 

Voluntary trials will begin on February 17. Mr. Covas hopes to obtain results within three months, speeding up trials that would take at least a year on a national level. 

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