Indian pharmaceutical firm Zydus Cadila aims to export new Covid-19 vaccine to Brazil

vaccine india
Photo: Talukdar David/Shutterstock

Indian pharma company Zydus Cadila is currently in negotiations with Brazilian laboratories to bring its potential Zycov-D Covid-19 vaccine to the country, according to a report published by newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo. 

Zycov-D is currently undergoing late-stage clinical trials with 30,000 volunteers in India. However, according to health regulator Anvisa, vaccines must be tested in Brazil before they obtain approval for use. In a statement to the press, Zydus Cadila said it will “submit trial data to authorities and wait for their guidelines regarding how to proceed.” 

If successful, the vaccine could have some important advantages: being the first such immunizer to be produced using DNA technology, it would be easier to update and improve, allowing it to respond faster to new coronavirus variants. Storage is more straightforward, as it kept at up to 23 degrees Celsius for three months. For longer storage periods, it requires temperatures of under 8 degrees Celsius, which can be achieved with regular refrigeration units. It also can be administered using devices that do not require syringes or needles. However, Zydus Cadila recommends three shots of the vaccine to obtain maximum efficacy. 

The lab did not reveal the identity of its partner in Brazil. However, Zydus Cadila says it can produce 150 million doses of the vaccine at its facilities and send shipments to Brazil once it obtains approval.

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