Yet another Brazilian football team faces coronavirus outbreak

Yet another Brazilian football team faces coronavirus outbreak
Corinthians players. Photo: Rodrigo Coca/A-SCCP

Major São Paulo-based football club Corinthians reported that ten of its players have tested positive for the coronavirus. All cases are asymptomatic and the squad members — who are mostly reserve players — have been isolated from the rest of the team.

At least ten of Brazil’s 20 first-division clubs have faced Covid-19 outbreaks since the beginning of the pandemic, with many being forced to play with second- and third-string players.

Copa Libertadores final

On Saturday, Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Maracanã stadium will host the final of the Copa Libertadores — South America’s most prestigious football competition — between Brazilian sides Palmeiras and Santos. Roughly 5,000 people will be invited to attend the game, a decision heavily criticized by infectious disease experts.

Both clubs boarded en route to Rio de Janeiro today, with fans forming crowds to see their teams off to the airport.

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