Truckers included in Covid-19 vaccine priority group

truckers brazil strike vaccine
Truck driver gets an influenza shot. Photo: Photocarioca/Shutterstock

Fearing a potential truckers’ strike, the Brazilian government decided to include these professionals in the priority group for coronavirus vaccination, along with health workers, people with existing health problems, and senior citizens. 

The national vaccination plan was updated back on December 16, when it included public transport workers among the vaccine priority list.

The new plan also includes port workers and the employees of airline, shipping, and railway companies. The Brazilian National Transport Confederation (CNT) estimates that these professionals will be among the 2 million Brazilians vaccinated in phase four of the country’s immunization program. However, health regulators Anvisa said that each phase of the vaccination plan depends on how many doses are available. 

Currently, there are only 6 million ready-to-use shots available for use. The number is expected to increase soon.

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