Hospitals become “suffocation chambers” amid oxygen shortage in Manaus

hospitals manaus second wave
Hospital in Manaus. Photo: Ingrid Anne/FP

A lack of oxygen cylinders in the Amazonian city of Manaus has caused dramatic situations in local hospitals, with several Covid-19 patients having to be manually ventilated due to a lack of supplies.

According to one local researcher from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, oxygen stocks have completely dried up in major Manaus hospitals, such as the Getúlio Vargas University Hospital. “There’s no oxygen and the hospitals have become suffocation chambers,” he told Folha de S. Paulo. “The patients who do survive are likely to have permanent brain injuries.”

In a press conference in Manaus yesterday, Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said that the Air Force will reinforce the city’s hospitals with oxygen tanks from Belém, the capital of neighboring state Pará.

Furthermore, at least 30 Covid-19 patients in the Getúlio Vargas University Hospital will be transferred to the Teresina University Hospital this afternoon, in the state of Piauí.

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