Chile receives another 88,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses from Pfizer

chile piñera
Chile’s Sebastián Piñera takes heat for wine escapade. Photo: Presidencia de la Republica

The pioneer in covid-19 vaccination in South America, Chile received its third shipment of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine on January 13. The 88,725 doses will help speed up the inoculation process, which had stalled with less than 11,000 health professionals immunized due to a lack of shots. 

With the new doses, the government hopes to vaccinate all health professionals and proceed with immunizing senior citizens in February. The Chilean government hopes to have one million people vaccinated by March. 

The arrival of new doses became even more crucial after a spike in cases in Chile after the holiday season, forcing the Sebastián Piñera administration to strengthen quarantine rules all over the country this week. As reporter Lucas Berti explained earlier this week, the outbreak is so widespread the virus has even reached Chile’s research stations in Antarctica.

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