Health Ministry calls on collapsed city to use unproven drugs

Manaus: Health Ministry calls on collapsed city to use unproven drug
Photo: No-Mad/Shutterstock

As Renato Alves reported last week, the Amazonian city of Manaus is once again experiencing a collapse of its healthcare network following a spike in coronavirus infections. The federal government has provided aid to local authorities — but has also put pressure on them to use unproven treatments against Covid-19.

Newspaper Folha de S.Paulo obtained documents sent to city officials deeming the fact that patients are not being treated with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin — drugs with no proven efficacy against Sars-CoV-2 — as “inadmissible.”

Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello himself asked for permission to visit local health units and encourage patients to take the drugs, according to the newspaper. 

Shadia Fraxe, Manaus’ top health official, said the city would follow scientific evidence and would not distribute the government-touted drugs. Instead, she insisted on the need for vaccination in the city as soon as possible.

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