Doria: cities ignoring restrictions to go to “back of vaccine line”

coronavirus restrictions to go to "back of vaccine queue"
Governor João Doria presents his vaccination plan for São Paulo. Photo: GOVESP

In an online meeting with the elected mayors of the state of São Paulo’s 645 municipalities this afternoon, the state government urged cities to abide by Covid-19 restrictions, saying those who do not will go to the “back of the line” once coronavirus vaccinations are rolled out.

Governor João Doria noted that “some mayors did not act as they should have,” and that the state administration issued complaints against 20 cities which did not follow coronavirus restrictions put in place during the end-of-year holidays. Over Christmas and New Year, the entire state of São Paulo was placed in the so-called “red phase” of the local reopening plan, wherein only essential businesses are allowed to function.

Regional Development Secretary Marco Vinholi warned that cities which do not follow state-wide rules will face consequences that go beyond complaints to state prosecution services. With São Paulo set to roll out its own coronavirus vaccination plan on January 25, Mr. Vinholi said the government “will give priority to those who follow the São Paulo Plan [for reopening the economy].

“Those who are irresponsible will go to the back of the line, in a very clear and transparent manner,” he added.

The São Paulo state government intends to vaccinate 9 million people as of January 25, giving priority to senior citizens, health workers, indigenous populations, and quilombolas.

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