Health Minister meets with states over vaccine race

Health Minister meets with states over vaccine race
Photo: Seda Servet/Shutterstock

Brazilian Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello will hold a videoconference with state governors this morning to discuss national vaccination strategies. The government is under pressure after São Paulo Governor João Doria announced his own state’s vaccination plan yesterday — even before a vaccine has been cleared by regulators.

In response, the government released that it was in “advanced talks” over an intended purchase of 70 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer — to be delivered in 2021.

States are leaning on the government to coax them into speeding up the national vaccination timetable — a preliminary version stated that immunization would only begin in March 2021. Moreover, news website portal UOL reports that the government has only requested enough doses to protect 10 percent of the population from the COVAX global vaccine program — much lower than the 50-percent threshold required. 

Besides the Health Minister, the Bolsonaro administration will be represented by Luiz Eduardo Ramos, the president’s liaison between the government and Congress, as well as a few top advisers.

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