Fiocruz warns Rio de Janeiro could face coronavirus collapse

rio de janeiro Covid-19: Fiocruz amplia capacidade nacional de testagem
Fiocruz is enhancing its testing abilities. Photo: Divulgação

A study released by biological research organization Fiocruz warns that the public health network in the city of Rio de Janeiro is close to collapse due to a recent rise in Covid-19 cases.

Experts identified an increase in mortality rates around the holiday season. This Wednesday, 172 people were waiting for public intensive care beds in the Greater Rio Area. Meanwhile, 98 percent of ICU beds on the private health system are also occupied.

On Wednesday, the state health authorities reported 81 deaths in just 24 hours, in addition to 3,000 new cases in Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile, the state of Rio de Janeiro will begin a new procedure for Covid-19 tests this Friday, allowing citizens to schedule tests through a smartphone app. The program does not constitute mass testing, however, as users will be screened by a questionnaire, and only those suspected of having coronavirus infections will be invited for tests.

The initiative will first be implemented in the cities of São Gonçalo and Volta Redonda. As estimated by the State Department of Health, it will be possible to offer up to 1,500 RT-PCR exams per day.

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