São Paulo candidate Boulos diagnosed with Covid-19 in election run-up

São Paulo Sp 18 11 2020 Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) faz a primeira caminhada segundo turno no centro de São Paulo, acompanhado de Jilmar Tatto (PT) e Orlando Silva (PCdoB) Foto Filipe Araújo/ Fotos Publicas

Guilherme Boulos, of the left-wing Socialism and Freedom Party, has been diagnosed with Covid-19 only two days before the São Paulo mayoral runoff election, in which he is polling a close second.

Mr. Boulos’ campaign team announced that the candidate has not shown any symptoms of the disease, but took a Covid-19 test after meeting with federal lawmaker Sâmia Bomfim last week, who recently tested positive.

The diagnosis comes at a critical point in the campaign, ahead of the final televised debate this evening on major network TV Globo. The Boulos campaign has issued a request to the broadcaster for the debate to be held virtually. However, moderator César Tralli announced on social media that the debate will be canceled.

Mr. Boulos is currently polling in second place for Sunday’s runoff, close behind Mayor Bruno Covas. The incumbent began the second-round campaign with a broad lead, which has been cut to a handful of percentage points, making the runoff almost too close to call.