Curitiba to impose new restrictions ahead of second wave

Curitiba to impose new restrictions ahead of second wave
Aerial vision of Curitiba. Photo: Roberto Dziura Junior/Shutterstock

In the wake of rising coronavirus cases and deaths, Curitiba — capital of the southern state of Paraná — is the first major city in Brazil to scale back its reopening process and impose tighter restrictions. 

A new municipal decree orders bars and nightclubs to close. Stores will be allowed to stay open for longer, as a way to reduce the number of customers on their premises at any one time. Meanwhile, opening hours for restaurants have been restricted. 

The occupation rate in Curitiba’s intensive care units rose to 96 percent on Thursday. The local coronavirus transmission rate currently sits at 1.28, meaning that every 100 infected people are expected to contaminate another 128, who will then infect 163, and so on.

Over the past six days, 126 public hospital beds were opened for Covid-19 patients in order to cope with the rising number of cases.

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