Brazilian civil servants want gradual return to work

servants remote work

A new study by the Economy Ministry, obtained by website Poder360, shows that 57 percent of Brazilian civil servants want to return to work on alternate days or shifts, while 44 percent of federal servants prefer working from home, even after the pandemic.

Nine out of ten servants fear catching the coronavirus at work, but this is by no means their only concern: 43 percent claim they don’t have a proper place to leave their children, while 61 percent say they have few options of transportation to go to work. 

That could be a tough sell, however, as allowing workers to access government networks from home can create massive security flaws. As an example, the systems of the Superior Court of Justice were hacked this week, leading all cases to be paralyzed.

The survey, carried out by the National Public Administration School (ENAP), in partnership with the World Bank, interviewed 42,793 public servants from all levels of government and all 27 states between August to September.

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