When the coronavirus peaked in different Brazilian regions

deaths coronavirus brazil
Photo: Photocarioca/Shutterstock

Earlier this year, the uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus in Brazil produced gruesome images of mass burials in several cities — or piles of bodies stored in freezers, as morgues and funeral service providers couldn’t handle the sheer amount of casualties. 

News website G1 tallied data on burials and cremations in some of Brazil’s main state capitals. The numbers show that the peaks in death curves — which happened between April and August — seem to be behind us. Moreover, all Brazilian regions have seen a decrease in daily deaths.

“Excess mortality” — as unexpected peaks in deaths are called — are considered by experts as one of the most reliable ways to assess the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, given that Brazil’s testing data is shaky at best.

Brazil has confirmed 5.56 million Covid-19 infections and 160,500 deaths, according to the latest federal update. The 7-day rolling average for new daily cases is at its lowest point since late in May — while the average for new daily deaths is at late April levels.

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