Argentina reopens borders after seven months

Buenos Ayres ARG 26 05 2020-O presidente Alberto Fernandez da Argentina lanã programa para os mais pobres e disse A pandemia nos mostrou que vivemos em um país injusto e que a qualidade de vida afeta fortemente o risco de contágio.Com o plano Argentina Hace, o que procuramos é corrigir essas desigualdades e gerar condições de vida decentes que garantam a saúde das pessoas.foto PR

After remaining closed since March, Argentina has decided to open its borders to Brazil and residents of its other four neighbors Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile, as of Friday.

Foreign visitors will only be allowed to enter the country via Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport — with the exception of those traveling from Uruguay, who will also be able to cross into Argentina by boat.

To avoid overcrowding at the airport, airplane landings will be scheduled at a maximum of one every 40 minutes. In addition, to enter the country, tourists must present results of a negative coronavirus test, a legal declaration filled out 48 hours before the trip, and health insurance with coverage for cases of Covid-19.